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Can You Cope With Criticism At Work?by zengerfolkman April 14, 2013

cnn-1(CNN) — Criticism from bosses can be hard to swallow. But research shows there are more constructive ways for managers to deliver negative feedback, and that bosses should use positive comments a lot more — about six times more — than criticism.
The study, done by the University of Michigan Business School several years ago, compared team performance to the frequency of praise and criticism given within the teams.
The best-performing teams used about six times as many positive comments for every negative one. It found that the worst performing teams, on average, used three negative comments for every positive one.
American psychologist, John Gottman, has found a similar ratio for positive and negative comments from spouses leading to happier marriages.
“Negative interactions tend to dampen the enthusiasm and commitment of the individual,” says Jack Zenger, a leadership consultant, who was not part of the studies. “A manager should be very thoughtful and weigh the risks and benefits before giving any negative feedback… continued on


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