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Bold Leadership: The 4 Steps That Take Leaders To Another Levelby Joe Folkman June 18, 2015

Bold Leaders and Engaged EmployeesIn college, my daughter was dating the man she wanted to marry, but he hadn’t made his mind up about her. He was dating another girl and my daughter at the same time. After a few weeks of this split relationship my daughter confidently told him, “I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with me. You need to make a choice.” This bold move had a big effect on him, and turned what would have been a long and painful journey of indecision into a successful relationship that ended in marriage. Think of the decisions, statements, arguments, and challenges bold leaders have made in your organization. What powerful changes can result from bold leadership?

Bold leaders are those who are willing to take a risk by developing a new product. They speak up on controversial topics. In fact, they will sometimes take a position contrary to higher-ups on a contentious topic. Typically they seek to move at a faster pace than others and are willing to take personal responsibility for an unpopular decision. Bold leaders are comfortable with thinking big, setting extremely high goals, or tackling a large project. They are not afraid to pick a fight with a powerful competitor. Instead of avoiding feedback from others they seek it. They think in unconventional ways and are not afraid to invest in an unproven idea. By examining 360 degree reports on more than 50,000 leaders in all industries and from around the world I have identified leaders who exhibit bold behaviors and have researched their effect.

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