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Bold Leadership™

In today’s complex marketplace, leaders must be willing to push boundaries, take risks, think in unconventional ways, and be willing to challenge the status quo

Does your organization need leaders who are energized to take on challenging goals, create an atmosphere of continual improvement, do everything possible to achieve goals, quickly recognize situations where change is needed, and challenge standard approaches?

Many organizations find themselves in competitive battles or with mandates to reduce costs and increase productivity. Effective leadership means being willing to step forward with new ideas and a bolder approach.

Bold leaders must combine their bold approach with other key skills, such as good judgment and relationship building.

During the Bold Leadership™ workshop, a Zenger Folkman certified facilitator helps participants:


  • Identify how their behavior contributes to a bolder leadership culture and how it drives strategic outcomes.
  • Discover powerful behaviors that are essential to a bold mindset.
  • Use the Preferences Self-Assessment report to identify specific behavioral areas where they take a bold approach.
  • Learn how to leverage bold leadership in a team environment.
  • Receive tools that will help them create an action plan for developing Bold Leadership attributes.


This instructor-led workshop is available in a half-day, in-person format. It is also available in an abbreviated version, ideally suited for use at conferences and company meetings. Learning is enhanced with examples, self-reflection, independent work, and interactive group exercises.


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