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Additional Books


The Handbook for Leaders

This precise, no-nonsense rulebook lists the 24 competencies and guidelines identified time and again as essential for becoming an effective and extraordinary leader. Call 801-705-9375 to place your order.


The Power of Feedback

This book addresses one of the most challenging and important problems in leadership improvement: how leaders can use feedback in intelligent ways to bring about genuine and positive change in their own behavior. Call 801-705-9375 to place your order.


Making Feedback Work

Most organizations don't lack feedback, but doing something with the feedback is more challenging.Making Feedback Work is a helpful guide for any leader who is going through an organizational change process. Call 801-705-9375 to place your order.


Employee Surveys That Make a Difference

Joe Folkman provides the tools that can help companies tap into their most important resources—employees. With this book, businesses can stop spinning their wheels with surveys that don't work and get down to real changes that dramatically improve the bottom line. Call 801-705-9375 to place your order.


Implementation Matters

You attend a great training event. The instruction is outstanding. You’ve learned some great new skills. But Monday comes, your skills don’t get applied, and your action plan doesn’t get implemented. This book introduces the specific techniques to help you successfully transfer what you learn into what you do on the job. Call 801-705-9375 to place your order.


The AMA Handbook for Leaders

Containing articles from Marshall Goldsmith, Dave Ulrich, Nancy Adler, and Jack Zenger, this collection of insights from some of the most powerful names in leadership development is the perfect way to build essential leadership skills. Call 801-705-9375 to place your order.


The ASTD Leadership Handbook

A who's who of gurus in the leadership field, The ASTD Leadership Handbook is an exciting compilations of insights, ideas, and tools that will enable individuals, teams, and organizations to develop their leadership capabilities. Jack Zenger, along with 47 other experts contribute their knowledge on a wide range of leadership topics. Call 801-705-9375 to place your order.

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